Leverage Mile 59's unparalleled team of quantitative and software development experts. We help asset managers set the standard for Best Execution across global markets and asset classes. We help startups and established companies with customized software development. We put our quantitative and academic knowledge to work doing research and analytics projects, including advanced machine learning. We work with blockchain companies to take the best parts of traditional markets and disrupt them through decentralization. We do all of this across industries and with a distributed team of experts.



We have spent our careers using leading techniques to design quantitative research studies on large, distributed datasets. This includes financial markets and time series of real-time prices, and unrelated work on both structured and unstructured data in other fields. We can help firms who are considering or using machine learning to:

  • Evaluate the application of different supervised and unsupervised techniques to ensure you are approaching the problem in the most efficient way;
  • Critique existing machine learning techniques to better understand their strengths and weaknesses, and whether they make sense in the context of the problem you're trying to solve;
  • Design scientifically rigorous studies that leverage the appropriate quantitative techniques, whether they be traditional, machine learning or complex systems; and
  • Help you ensure that your data is being stored and cleaned appropriately through our ValiData approach, so that any quantitative analysis will be successful.


We are experienced software developers who have worked in nearly every kind of programming language and coding environment - from high-pressure, low-latency trading floors, to high-throughput, resilient REST APIs, to large-scale distributed research projects analyzing petabytes of data.

We've also put our knowledge and experience of financial market structure to use in the blockchain space, consulting for or advising multiple blockchain startups. We understand when a blockchain makes sense, and when you should just use a database.

Example projects:

  • Backend web services development for cowbird.com, story-telling website that was able to accommodate over 10k concurrent requests during peak periods.
  • Backend web services development and management of financial quantitative advice model for goalinvestor.com.
  • Advising decentralized ERC-20 token exchange on US markets regulation, including FINRA ATS and SEC registration requirements.
  • Advising financial services blockchain startup focused on custody and clearing.


Mile 59 is not a TCA vendor. We are a process-driven development and analytics company. A scientific approach with rigorous quantitative analysis is in our DNA.

We help firms achieve Best Execution with this unique combination of a qualitative understanding of market structure and internal firms’ processes, along with a tried-and-true quantitative approach that has yielded significant benefits for our clients. Our approach and process has been developed with an understanding that each firm is different, has different priorities for execution and different order flow dynamics. We identify the appropriate benchmarks and metrics for each individual firm (or portfolio), and help to build research studies and reports around those. We are able to take a holistic view of each firm, and help them identify internal and external inefficiencies; from portfolio management to broker relationships, and from trading  to legal and compliance. Our primary focus is trading and execution.

We have not only built our own analytics platform for customized studies, but through our work with the AlgoFinance project, we have developed one of the most advanced simulation environments, capable of combining quantitative and qualitative results under a single unified framework. This unique approach which combines advanced analytics with a deep knowledge of market microstructure leads to better outcomes for asset managers.

We have worked with firms across regions and asset classes. We have built customized equities, fixed income and FX TCA solutions that help individual firms focus on the factors that matter most to them. We have realized substantial savings in execution costs for our clients. Let us help you!

Example Projects:

  • Compliance consultant for $100B+ Quantitative Trading Firm regarding best execution procedures, Market Access Rule 15c3-5 and other compliance monitoring for adherence to best industry practices

  • Compliance consultant for $200B+ pension plan regarding best execution procedures, commission sharing and management, unbundling of research, broker scorecarding and transaction cost analysis.

  • Best execution procedures and ongoing quantitative analysis for $20B+ equity-focused hedge fund.

  • Best execution procedures, ongoing Best Execution committee preparation/attendance and customized quantitative analysis across multiple asset classes for $15B+ hedge fund.



Learn Market Structure from the experts that the US Congress and Regulators turn to.

Mile 59 not only understands the complexities of US markets, but we understand how we got here and where we're going. Congress and Regulators regularly ask us to testify on critical market structure issues. Leverage our expertise to understand modern electronic markets and the incredible technological and regulatory complexity that drives them.

Mile 59 is available for a variety of half-day and full-day workshops / seminars on many different topics, including:

  • Market structure history and current developments
  • Direct market access and order routing best practices
  • Transaction Cost Analysis and performance attribution / analysis
  • Regulatory landscape, current proposals and how these events impact your business

These workshops are valuable for the buy-side to understand market structure developments, for regulators looking for practitioners' perspectives, for attorneys preparing capital markets litigation or defense, and for sell-side firms looking to sponsor buy-side educational events or who want to train traders and market structure analysts.

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